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PLEASE NOTE: We've temporarily suspended our high school dining etiquette workshop lunches. We hope to see you again in the near future!

Clips from a dining etiquette video presented at the Nick Lowery Youth Foundation's Nation Building for Native Youth Conference

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Waiters, bussers, hosts/hostesses, restaurant managers and dining room supervisors across the U.S. and abroad are more skilled and confident servers with the help of our on-site, certificate waitstaff training programs and "The Main Course on Table Service" restaurant service training manual and instructor's guide.
Whether you're opening a new restaurant, remodeling an existing facility or want to bring your current service to the next level, we can customize a hands-on, educational, entertaining program to achieve your training goals, give your waitstaff added job satisfaction, improve your guests' dining experience and create repeat business.
"...thanks for your refresher class as some of my guests have noticed the difference which, by the way, has made a difference in my tips. In fact, one guest made the comment, 'You must have had Server 101.' Wow..."
Tedd Gutierrez
Lead Server
Fiore Steakhouse
Harrah's Rincon Casino
San Diego CA

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Why choose EATiQuette?
Our founder and presenter, David Rothschild, shares techniques, systems, hints and tips gained during his decades of experience as a restaurant server, captain, maitre d', manager and service trainer.

"I am a huge fan of your table service training books and have been using it for years to teach my staff! "

Michael Salazar
Managing Partner
Manuel's Mexican Restaurant
Phoenix AZ

He's also a veteran high school teacher, giving him the unique ability to deliver materials in a way that not only explains how to do things but why things are done that way.

Most importantly, on our post-training evaluations, participants tell us they're excited about having us come back for more workshops. Attendees enjoy the training so much they ask for more! We also use a variety of tools to measure participants' comprehension of the course materials and ability to demonstrate the skills and techniques taught. Completers of the program receive certificates verifying their participation.

In addition to our training programs, our clients rely on us for consulting and advice in a wide variety of areas including introduction of new concepts, preparation of training manuals and menu design. We often act as a staff and management liaison, promoting communication about the tools and policies the team needs to provide the highest level of guest services.

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What does it cost?
Few of us buy a meal without knowing what we'll pay for it. So we don't expect you to buy into our training programs without knowing the bottom line. You'll find our fees for our most popular programs by using the links below and we're always happy to send a complete training proposal with all costs clearly listed. Looking for ballpark numbers? Our basic training bootcamps start at less than $175 per participant for a three-day program (plus our travel expenses), depending on the size of your group. We encourage you to co-host training with other properties in your area or invite your key kitchen personnel and managers of other on-property restaurants to participate for the lowest-possible per person costs.

Watch an introduction to EATiQuette
as seen on WealthTV's "Etiquette 101"

David discusses how to navigate the placesetting and how to eat soup with Kim and Don on Culinary Confessions, KAZG 1440 AM (mp3 file - approximately 8 minutes)

CKNX 920 am
Listen to David on CKNX-920AM (Ontario Canada)
The Talk Show with Bryan Allen

(mp3 file - approximately 12-1/2 mins)

The Main Course
on Table Service

waitstaff training manual
& instructor's guide

The Main Course
on Dining Etiquette

step-by-step guide to
dining with confidence
in the 21st century

on-site, certificate waitstaff training programs
for waiters/waitresses • bussers • hosts/hostesses • managers/supervisors

"Our staff raved about your training and our executive management team was very impressed with the overnight improvements we saw...your measurement tools definitely helped us gauge the effectiveness of skills gained and actual content learned...I can assure you that the investment was well worth it."

Marcus Diaz, Training Manager
Casino del Sol/Casino of the Sun
Tucson AZ

EATiQuette waitstaff training programs are designed to standardize service throughout your Food & Beverage Department. This allows your front-of-house team to be more efficient and effective and gives management maximum staffing flexibility. Ourbasic training "bootcamp" certificate program concentrates on important soft skills, service fundamentals and industry-standard techniques, including:

Tablewares safety and sanitation
The 15 rules of table service
• Table setting

Product & menu knowledge
Order taking/serving
    without "auctioning"
Table maintenance/clearing
Guest interaction
Timing & pacing of the meal
• Optional banquet service training
• Optional wine presentation
    and service training

"Your presentation and training  at our F&B conference was outstanding. Not a Chef or F&B Manager left without improving their knowledge, skills and abilities."
  Kenneth A. Murray
  Former Director
  Corporate F&B
  Great Canadian Gaming

Professional Polish training builds on the basics to incorporate additional refinements and skills for fine dining. Additional workshops for hosts/hostesses and managers/supervisors concentrate on the specific skills and responsibilities of these positions. Our Service from Both Sides of the Table segment helps staff become more familiar with the traditions of dining and more comfortable as both diner and server.
Use these links for information on our complete, three-phase "Table Service Tune-Up" , Main Course on Table Service "bootcamps", professional polish workshops, "Service from Both Sides of the Table", "Super Server" refresher courses and "Super Supervisor" workshops.
dining etiquette workshops
for high schools • colleges
businesses • clubs & civic groups
           Photo by Kim Mesquita

"Good manners are the great equalizer. When you know how to conduct yourself properly, you're on a level playing field with anyone at the table. They may be famous ... they may have more money ... but you're their equal."  - David Rothschild
More than 20,000 teen and adult diners have become more comfortable with their table manners and more knowledgeable about social and business etiquette after attending one of our EATiQuette dining etiquette workshops. We've presented to groups ranging from school business and culinary classes to Fortune 500 executives and sales staffs. This real-life, manners for the 21st century presentation is designed to guide attendees through the "dining dilemmas" they might encounter at weddings, proms, business meals and other occasions. Workshops can be followed by a multi-course meal to give attendees a chance to practice the skills they've learned. More information on dining etiquette workshops . . .
We welcome your inquiries about our training services and publications.
Please contact Barbara or David Rothschild at: 602.569.2051 • 602.765.1746 (fax) or e-mail
EATiQuette is based in Phoenix, Arizona and presents training programs for clients nationwide

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