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The Main Course
on Table Service

waitstaff training manual & instructor's

The Main Course
on Dining Etiquette

step-by-step guide to
dining with confidence
in the 21st century

Is your service as good as your food?
can be with our
"Table Service Tune-Up"
Certificate Training Program
A typical “mystery shopper” service gives you a look at how the average consumer perceives your restaurant. It’s important to gain that perspective, but it only helps to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t give you solutions, or offer suggestions on how to improve.  Our “mystery diner” visit to your restaurant uses a detailed, 100-plus point rating system developed by a veteran restaurateur and a restaurant reviewer that allows us to provide recommendations on techniques and systems that can be implemented to improve efficiency and provide a higher level of guest services and satisfaction. As part of your EATiQuette waitstaff training package, we include a “mystery diner” shop and a detailed report on our findings.

Following your “mystery shop”, we’ll meet with your management team to review the report and make our recommendations. Any policy changes you decide to make can be incorporated into the training we provide in Phase 3. We’ve helped restaurants to become more time- and cost-efficient while improving their products and services by instituting a variety of practices and policies. Among them: using food runners, adopting team service, establishing seat designation systems and changing/upgrading smallwares, equipment and ingredients. You may be overlooking some very simple and easy-to-implement systems that can make your operation run more smoothly and effectively. We’ll help you identify these items and put them into practice.

Phase 3: EDUCATE
Our three-to-five day training programs are tailored to the experience levels and skills of your staff and can be structured as either a “train-the-trainer” for managers and supervisors, then separate staff training, or combined management/staff presentation. A topic list on the next page details areas of training that can be built into  your agenda. We suggest including a pre-training evaluation to determine subjects on which we should focus and a post-training test to determine retention levels. Each session is interactive, includes role-playing and hands-on learning as well as classroom-style teaching. And, because waiting tables isn’t rocket science, we include these fun-with-a-focus activities: Messy Molly’s Hygiene Hijinx, the What’s your ‘tude, dude? Card Game and the Time that Table! Board Game. Our presenter, David Rothschild, has more than 20 years of experience training restaurant staffs ranging from entry-level servers, bussers and hostesses to industry veterans at top resort restaurants.

Certificates are awarded to all participants that successfully complete the course.

Your package also includes five copies of our waitstaff training manual, The Main Course on Table Service, and one PDF file of the accompanying instructor’s manual.

Optional: Our Super Supervisor workshop helps restaurant managers and supervisors learn how to effectively observe, monitor and correct service and interrelate with staff and guests. As part of our manager/supervisor training, we can also include “on-the-floor” sessions during service shifts to enforce the methods taught in the workshop. This last step is key in ensuring adherence to industry standards and consistently excellent service.
Cost of EATiQuette's “Table Service Tune-Up”  Certificate Programs
• mystery shop evaluation
• consultation with management team
• 3-5 days of staff training (3 hrs. per day):
from $3500.00 with 3 days training
from $5500.00 with 5 days training
(plus reimbursement for “mystery diner” meals and applicable travel expenses)
PLEASE NOTE: These prices are total presenter fees for the programs described -- they are not per person or per day rates. We also  make every effort to minimize expenses and invite you to share costs with other properties in your area that contract for our services.

Hands-on, interactive service training
Watch a video clip on
serving at the convenience of the guest
as seen on WealthTV's "Etiquette 101"
David's "Tip Pool"

 Happy 2022 to all in hospitality!

It's still not too late to make some new year's resolutions. Here are a few suggestions for those in the hospitality industry:

  • I resolve to do everything I can to keep myself and my guests safe and healthy. That means being extra-vigilant about adhering to your property's safety protocols before, during and after your shifts. Remember, calling out sick doesn't just affect your income, it can disrupt your co-workers' lives and the quality of service to your guests.
  • I resolve to find something positive about each shift that I work. Yes, sometimes that can be really hard when you're in the weeds or have to deal with customer complaints. But try to find a bright spot that will make your work more enjoyable -- even if it's just a smile or a thank you from one of your guests.
  • I resolve to provide my diners with the best possible experience by keeping my station clean and well-organized, ensuring they get what they order and anticipating their needs.

Wishing you all a happy,healthy and prosperous 2022!

These "Tip Pool" service tips change regularly so be sure to check back often. You'll find previously-published "Tip Pool" tips here. Also be sure to check out David's articles from Native American Casino magazine for more tips and info. (see previously published articles)

Our most popular waitstaff training program
for both new restaurants and existing operations . . .
The Main Course on Table Service
Basic Training Bootcamp

Length:  three days with three hours per day of classroom and hands-on training

Appropriate for:  new hires and as a refresher course to standardize F&B service techniques

Group size: maximum of 20 participants per session - a second, same-agenda session can be added each day to accommodate larger groups

Agenda:  This workshop concentrates on mastering the basic techniques of professional table service and developing guest courtesy skills. It's a highly interactive training program that includes:
     • Service as a Career and Lifestyle
     • Qualities of a Professional Server
     • Personal Appearance &  Hygiene
     • Basic Techniques of Table Service (hands-on)
     • Taking, Placing and Picking Up the Order (hands-on)
     • Sequence & Timing of Service
     • Setting/Resetting the Table (hands-on)
     • Maintaining & Clearing the Table (hands-on),
     • Know Your Menu!
     • Guest interaction skills

Certificates are issued for course completion.

Other topics may be added to the agenda to fit your specific concept and staff training goals. Contact us for a sample agenda and list of additional topics.
Cost: $3000 presentation fee for one session per day (that's $150 per participant for a 3-day training program, based on 20 trainees); $4500 presentation fee for two sessions per day ($112.50 per participant for a 3-day training program, based on 40 trainees), includes handouts, five copies of The Main Course on Table Service, one instructor’s manual CD. Additional books are $20 each.
Additional tips and techniques for restaurants that want
to take their service to the next level . . .

"Professional Polish"
Table Service Refinement Workshop

Length:  two days with three hours per day of classroom and hands-on training -- typically added as a supplement to our basic training at fine dining properties

Appropriate for:  giving staff additional skills and refining service with industry-standard upscale techniques

Group size: maximum of 20 participants per session - a second, same-agenda session can be added each day to accommodate larger groups

Agenda:  This “service savvy” workshop concentrates on skill development to promote consistency, efficiency and increase guest satisfaction. Topics covered include:
     • Service from Both Sides of the Table (see more information below)
     • Fostering a Positive Relationship Between Front-and-Back-of-House
     • The Vital Role of Host/Hostess/Maitre d'
     • Industry Ethics
     • Beyond The Basics of Table Service (hands-on )
     • "Reading" the Table
     • Serving Special-Needs Guests
     • Handling Guest Problems and Problem Guests
     • The Server as Salesperson
     • Developing Your Personal Service Style.
     • Optional: Wine Presentation & Service
     • Optional: Tableside Preparation & Service

Certificates are issued for course completion.
Cost: $2000 presentation fee when added to our 3-day bootcamp training (that's $250 per participant for a 5-day training program, based on 20 trainees); from $2500 for a two-day, stand-alone workshop ($75 to $125 per trainee for a two day program). Please contact us for two-session-per-day rates and other combinations. Includes handouts, five copies of The Main Course on Table Service, one instructor’s manual CD. Additional books are $20 each.
Equip your restaurant management team with
the skills to monitor, correct and reward . . .
Super Supervisor Workshop

Length:  One three-hour interactive group workshop session plus up to two shifts of “on-the-floor” shift work

Appropriate for:  restaurant managers and supervisors, F&B Department managers, key back-of-house personnel

Group size: because this is mostly a "classroom-style" workshop, any size group can partipate as long as you have facilities large enough to accommodate the group

Agenda:  Do you think of your restaurant managers and supervisors as merely “waiters with keys”? Do you sometimes find they spend more time in their office doing paperwork than on the floor monitoring service and “schmoozing” guests? Our “Day in the Life” agenda helps managers and supervisors understand their responsibilities and roles in efficient, effective restaurant operation. The “Super Supervisor” wheel game teaches qualities of a good manager/supervisor. Follow-up, on-the-floor shift work during restaurant operation helps put the techniques learned into practice.

Cost:  from $1800 when presented in conjunction with a minimum three-day staff training program; $2500 as a stand-alone manager/supervisor training course. Includes follow-up work with one restaurant. Additional follow-up sessions can be scheduled at additional cost.
Because continuous education is the key to exceptional service . . .
Super Server Refresher Training
     Within several months of our bootcamp training program, our clients often ask us to come back to present a two-day "refresher" course program.
      We've structured our Super Server Refresher Training to give front-of-house staff an opportunity to review the basics taught in our bootcamp and, most importantly, to demonstrate to us and their managers/supervisors that they're comfortable and confident in performing the techniques they've learned. To do this, we've developed a Super Server Competition in which the staff, divided into teams, exhibits their knowledge and skills in five events:
  • The Super Server Quiz Show - Answering questions on terminology, techniques and methods of service
  • Tray-Carrying Relay - Loading, carrying and serving from beverage trays
  • Team Table Setting - Judged for accuracy, speed and sanitation
  • Don't Auction the Food! - Accurate order taking and delivery
  • So You Think You Can Sell? - Staff suggests a menu item to panel and is judged on verbiage, body language, product knowledge and salesmanship
Prizes are awarded to the top-scoring teams. The second day of this program concentrates on advanced guest service skills and creating repeat business.

Cost:  from $1800 when presented in conjunction with a new-hire bootcamp; $2500 as a stand-alone program. Please contact us for two-session-per-day rates and other combinations.

What image does your F&B staff convey to your diners -- and their own tablemates?
Service from Both Sides of the Table  The Traditions & History of Dining & How They Apply to Service
This segment is unique to EATiQuette and is not taught by any other service trainer!

Presenter David Rothschild firmly believes that to know how to serve well, you need to know how to dine properly. To borrow a phrase from the Ritz-Carlton, it’s about “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

This is part dining etiquette lesson, part table service training and helps servers understand how the principles of correct dining apply to both diner and server.

Watch those light bulbs click on as servers grasp why some service is done from the left, some from the right; why you do some things clockwise and others counterclockwise. You’re guaranteed to learn things you never knew about dining and service.

Ask about adding this extremely popular piece to your staff training agenda. You'll want to be sure the chefs sit in on this one, too!

We welcome your inquiries about our training services and publications.
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