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Who is David Rothschild ...
... and why did he write this book? 

Culinary legends: some of the chefs
and hosts who shaped the industry 

The culinary cast and crew:
front and back of "house"

Service as a career . . . and a lifestyle

Fourteen qualities of every good
server ~ and one all-important rule

The food looks great ~ do you?:
personal appearance and hygiene

Getting food from kitchen to guest:
types and methods of service

At the convenience of the customer:
basic techniques of table service

"Have you decided?":
taking, placing and
picking up the order 

Taking the "wait" out of waiting tables:
sequence and timing of service

"Where do I put the fish fork?":
preparing the side station
and setting the table

"May I take that for you?":
clearing the table

Greeting and seating:
how the host/hostess can set a
positive tone for the meal

"When do I serve the soup?":
courses of the meal
and menu construction

Don’t feed the guide dog . . .
and other helpful hints for
serving special needs guests

"So nice to see you again . . .":
why guests become regulars

Handling guest problems
and problem guests

Knowing your gin from your "zin":
alcoholic beverage service

Take care of your guests and
the money will follow:
 the server as salesperson

That extra "something" that
makes all the difference:
service above and beyond

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